We work with companies wishing to integrate nanoparticles into existing products and to develop new products based on the use of our nanoparticles. To accomplish this, we offer research and development services, as well as supply clients with the final ingredients. We are the only North American-based company able to produce, with a fast turnaround, medium to large size quantities of gold and silver nanoparticles using the principles of green chemistry.

Product/Service Summary

NanoBrand develops and produces gold nanoparticles these can be used in life sciences for therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical imaging, as biosensors and in lateral flow assays.

We also develop and produce silver nanoparticles that can be used in antimicrobials, antifungals, and antiviral agents for humans and, domestic and farm animals. Our nanosilver products can be incorporated into gels, detergents, creams, soaps, or polymers, or simply remain in aqueous solutions.

One of our key strengths is the development of large-scale production methods; these allow us to produce large quantities of gold and silver nanoparticles suitable for industrial processes.

Current Problems & NanoBrand's Solutions

Lack of uniformity

Many potential clients we have talked to lament the lack of uniformity in existing commercial products, as this leads both to quality and to reproducibility issues during experimentation.

NanoBrand Solution

Proprietary production method

Proprietary production method: NanoBrand has developed a unique production process which ensures that the nanoparticles are of equivalent quality from one batch to the next.

Current problem

Long turnaround time

Nanoparticles are created using precious metals. Hence, most competitors cannot stock large quantities of these particles, leading to long turnaround time when ordering medium to large quantities.

NanoBrand Solution

Proprietary production method

Our production method not only allows us to manufacture uniform product batches, but it also lets us produce medium to large quantities much faster than our competitors.

Current problem

Inability to integrate nanoparticles into existing products

Once a company decides to integrate nanoparticles into its products, doing so will most likely require a strong R&D partner to determine how.

NanoBrand Solution

Strong, multi-talented team

Our team possesses the necessary expertise not only to manufacture high quality nanoparticles, but also to collaborate and supply R&D expertise to create working end products.

Current problem

Why are silver nanoparticles useful as an antibacterial product?

Because they can:

  • replace alcohol in cleaning products
  • provide long-term efficiency 
  • address bacterial multi-drug resistance
  • be effective against biofilms
  • present less systemic toxicity than silver salts

Why are gold nanoparticles useful in drug delivery and medication?

Because they are:

  • inert, non-toxic and bio-compatible
  • easily suspended in liquids and penetrates cell membranes
  • able to entrap poorly soluble anti-cancer drugs to become suitable for parenteral administration
  • able to selectively attack tumor cells, with minimal toxicity to health tissue
  • used to increase the efficiency of drugs, while reducing toxicity & side effects 


Andre Brosseau


Bachelor in Business Administration with 20 years of experience in the refining of gold, silver, and platinum group metals. Co-inventor of eight patents for the selective recovery of precious metals from eWaste. Before founding NanoBrand, spent two years as a consultant to the biotech industry, specializing in the innovative use of metallic nanoparticles for therapeutics.

Lana Moskovchenko


PhD in molecular physics, with experience in several European universities. Twenty years of experience in the refining of precious metals, principally gold and silver. Author of eight patents on selective recovery of precious metals from end-of-life and waste materials. Has managed R&D departments for multiple companies. Presently developing green methods for biosynthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles for biotech and pharma applications.

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